Day of Wedding Coordination

It says “day-of” package, but it is more of a 2-week of package. All vendors will be contacted 2 weeks before the wedding; an over-all timeline will be created based on their timelines,and will be sent back to all of the vendors. Everyone will be on the same schedule.We will set up any chairs and tables,  centerpieces, games, memorabilia, linens, etc.  Any and all decorations will be taken care of by When In White.

We will provide assistance to all guests, making sure everyone is at the right place at the right time (cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc.) We will give the final payment and tips to all vendors necessary, give all valuable memorabilia to whoever is designated (gifts, guest book, extra favors, etc.) and at the end of the night provide one final “clean sweep” of the venue after all have left. We will also have an “emergency kit” on hand for anything that could possible go wrong. Prior proper planning is always our motto.